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  1. Michael Lasithiotakis, James T. Marrow, Barry J. Marsden
    Evaluation of damage induced in graphite due to sample preparation by standard non-destructive techniques
    pages 271-287
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1568 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4432020_1
  2. Kairui Li, N.N. Smirnov, D.A. Pestov, Chengzhi Qi, A.B. Kiselev
    An approximate analytical solution for hydraulic fracture opening under non-uniform internal pressures
    pages 288-305
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1120 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4432020_2
  3. V.A. Babeshko, O.V. Evdokimova, O.M. Babeshko, I.S. Telatnikov
    On the influence of multiple surface defects on the behavior of media of different rheology
    pages 306-315
    abstract    paper: pdf  (800 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4432020_3
  4. Nickolay V. Sibirev, Vladimir Fedorov, Igor V. Shtrom, Alexey D. Bolshakov, Yury Berdnikov
    Control of (Al,Ga)P composition in self-catalyzed nanowire growth
    pages 316-323
    abstract    paper: pdf  (960 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4432020_4
  5. Debaditya Chakraborty, Ayush Rathi, Akansha Singh, Ashish Goyal
    Determination of mechanical properties of graphene reinforced Tetra-GEDVA nanocomposite
    pages 324-331
    abstract    paper: pdf  (944 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4432020_5
  6. Vinod Bhagat, P. Jeyaraj
    Structural behavior of FG-CNT cylindrical panel: influence of non-uniform temperature field
    pages 332-347
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1904 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4432020_6
  7. A.A. Vasilyev, S.F. Sokolov, D.F. Sokolov, N.G. Kolbasnikov
    Modeling of static recrystallization in complexly alloyed austenite
    pages 348-365
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1280 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4432020_7
  8. A.A. Vasilyev, D.F. Sokolov, S.F. Sokolov, A.A. Zisman
    Experimental study and modeling of pre-deformation effect on austenite to ferrite transformation
    pages 366-379
    abstract    paper: pdf  (2384 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4432020_8
  9. A.B.D. Nandiyanto, M. Fiandini, R. Ragadhita, A. Sukmafitri, H. Salam, F. Triawan
    Mechanical and biodegradation properties of cornstarch-based bioplastic material
    pages 380-391
    abstract    paper: pdf  (944 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4432020_9
  10. A.B. Kudimova, D.K. Nadolin, A.V. Nasedkin, A.A. Nasedkina, P.A. Oganesyan, A.N. Soloviev
    Finite element homogenization of piezocomposites with isolated inclusions using improved 3-0 algorithm for generating representative volumes in ACELAN-COMPOS packagel
    pages 392-403
    abstract    paper: pdf  (1072 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4432020_10
  11. G.M. Poletaev, I.V. Zorya, R.Y. Rakitin, L.G. Glubokova
    The binding energy of impurity atoms C, N, O with edge dislocations and the energy of their migration along dislocation core in Ni, Ag, Al
    pages 404-410
    abstract    paper: pdf  (896 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4432020_11
  12. Rajitha Gurijala, Malla Reddy Perati
    Study of radial vibrations in thick walled hollow dissipative poroelastic spherical shell on elastic foundation
    pages 411-422
    abstract    paper: pdf  (864 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4432020_12
  13. M.I. Chebakov, A.A. Poddubnyy, E.M. Kolosova, A. Alexiev, M. Datcheva
    Contact interaction of axisymmetric indenter and poroelastic foundation
    pages 423-432
    abstract    paper: pdf  (928 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4432020_13
  14. V.D. Cherkasov, V.V. Avdonin, Y.V. Yurkin, Y.P. Scherbak, M.E. Buzoverya, I.A. Karpov, V.O. Pilshchikov
    Research of radiation resistance of polymer composite materials
    pages 433-438
    abstract    paper: pdf  (960 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4432020_14
  15. P.V. Mel'nikov, G.D. Motovilina, I.G. Karpov, E.I. Khlusova
    Structure and properties of argon-arc welds of high-strength steel
    pages 459-445
    abstract    paper: pdf  (2128 Kb)    doi: 10.18720/MPM.4432020_15

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